Thursday, April 26, 2012

9800GT or GT520 Which Preforms Better?

Now This Isn't for me but for my friend I'm getting GTX550Ti Superclocked so I dont want suggestions of different cards cause I only wanna know which is better out of these 2.|||Those aren't even close... the 9800GT is much faster (although an older design that doesn't support DX11).

The GT520 is just an updated GT220, it's slower than than the GT430, which is slower than the GT240 and 9600GT. To beat a 9800GT, you need a GTS 250 or GTS 450.……|||Seeing as the performance in games is higher for the 9800GT and that it has more CUDA cores it seems to outrun the GT520. However, the 9800GT is a DirectX 10 card and the GT520 is a directx 11 card. (Unless DX means a lot to you, I would go for the DX10 card because of the performance difference here.)

Please view the my information source for a performance chart.|||Looks good so far

Good Builds ...……|||According to benchmarks, 9800GT is much better, but idk if I trust the site I was using|||9800gt will perform much better. DX10 and DX 11 Meh.. the 520 is card for high def video.. not gaming.

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